Application for Employment


It is our policy to verify all information provided on this application. Please make sure that all the information you are providing is complete, as well as accurate.


The Cheese Steak Shop is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Offers of employment are extended only to those candidates who have the qualifications for the job opening, and that have successfully passed our pre-employment screening processes.


Each applicant should understand that all information provided on this application for employment is provided voluntarily by the candidate and may be used by The Cheese Steak Shop in any manner they deem appropriate in making an employment offer determination, or in future needs as may be provided by Company policy, or as required by State and Federal law. By completing this application for employment, the applicant authorizes this employer to conduct any form of verification(s) it deems appropriate to verify the information provided on this application.


Previous Employment
Please list the prior two (2) jobs that are relevant to a job here at The Cheese Steak Shop.

I hereby certify that I have not knowingly withheld any information nor provided any false information in conjunction with the application for employment with The Cheese Steak Shop. Therefore, I certify that the answers I have provided are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any omissions, false statements, or misstatement of material facts on this application or other document used to secure employment with The Cheese Steak Shop shall be grounds for rejection of this application for employment or for immediate discharge once I am employed with The Cheese Steak Shop, regardless of the time elapsed before or after discovery.

I hereby authorize The Cheese Steak Shop to verify the accuracy of the information contained in this application, as well as my overall work record for all previous employers, educational institutions, and references. In so doing, I authorized all parties referenced on this application for employment to disclose to The Cheese Steak Shop all records, letters, matters of employment performance and stability, related to my prior employment. I hereby release The Cheese Steak Shop, all former employers, schools, personal references or others providing information to The Cheese Steak Shop from all liability associated with any request for information related to this application or my former work or school.

I also understand that any offers of employment are made as employment At-Will and as such, are subject to termination by either the company or myself at any time, with or without prior notice. Therefore, nothing conveyed during the recruiting, interview or other employment selection process may alter the At-Will employment status with The Cheese Steak Shop unless such changes are in written format and signed by the President of The Cheese Steak Shop.

I understand that it is the policy of The Cheese Steak Shop to not refuse to hire or otherwise discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of that persons need for a reasonable accommodation as required by the ADA.

I understand that if I am employed, I will be required to provide satisfactory proof of identity and legal work authorization within three business days of being hired. I understand failure to submit such proof within the required time, or failure to comply with any pre-employment requirement may result in the offer of employment being rescinded, or employment termination.

I represent and warrant that I have read and fully understand the foregoing, and that I seek employment under these conditions.