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Philly Joe's

Classic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

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Old Cheese Steak Done Right

I grew up on the East Coast where this particular delight was perfected… They know their core competency: steak and cheese. The menu is variations on the classic, with sides (steak fries or curly) and a self-serve soda station. Service is speedy, but they only make your sandwich after it’s ordered. The sandwiches are the real deal. 

— Andy B. 

A Philly boy gives y'all props.

I just wanted to say as a Philly native-born and raised that this is the best steak shop outside of Philly. I travel for a living and can tell you personally that no one comes close. I wish you all the best in these rough times and any time I’m in the bay area I will be ordering from here.

— Michael F.

The best-tasting cheesesteaks anywhere

I’ve been patronizing your Pleasanton and Walnut Creek shops for years. Without a doubt, the best tasting cheesesteaks anywhere. I have recently moved back to the east bay area and happily found that they are still the same, incomparable, flavor. Thanks for not changing the recipe.

— Andrew R.

Went to law school in SF in the early 80’s. If I had to pick 3 things I miss about SF, your original cheesesteak would be one of them. Please open one in Dallas.

— Brad D.

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