Cheese Steak Shop PETALUMA
Caution: May Be Habit Forming®
PETALUMA Customer Comment:

"Best Philly sandwich on the west coast." — Terry B.

"As a former Philadelphia region resident, I can vouch for the authenticity. Best cheese steak chain on west coast!" — Marla O.

"Ok, so there was no way I was waiting to do my review of this establishment! I'm actually out in the parking lot after savoring my very first chicken cheese steak that tasted as good as it did where I grew up, the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia!! Others have tried and have FAILED to mimic what I used to get at Geno's, Pat's and Tony Luke's in Philly. This place is SPOT ON!!!!! Absolutely fantastic chicken cheesesteak!! I only ordered a 7'' this time because I wasn't sure I would be a believer but OMG!! They got it right!!!!! Kudos!!! And I'll be back!!! Yo Adrianne!!!! Try it!!!!" — Sandra P.

"I LOVE this place!  Prices are good.  Small chicken Philly with sweet and hot peppers, grilled onions and mushrooms!  Terrific rolls! Everyone is so nice here!  I ask for no salt on my sandwich since the peppers are salty enough for me and my blood pressure!
Look no further!  Completely addicted!  Everything is delicious! The sweet and hot peppers are delectable!  The rolls are to die for!Great value!  LOVE it!" — Diane D.