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  • three philly cheese steak sandwiches - Cheese Steak Shops - Oakland, CA

Hungry? Call the best sandwich shop in Oakland, CA!

Are you craving an authentic Philly cheese steak? How about a Philly cheese steak dressed up with other great toppings, like pizza sauce and provolone, or bacon (because, let's face it, everything's better with bacon)? Not a meat eater? How about a zesty veggie sandwich with chili peppers, garlic, and grilled onions?

If you're hungry for the best sandwiches in Oakland, CA, call Cheese Steak Shop now. You won't find a better cheese steak sandwich at any sandwich shop outside of Philadelphia. (We think they're even better than in Philadelphia. But don't tell them that...)

Check out our extensive menu, featuring sandwiches, salads, sides, and genuine TastyKakes, straight from Philadelphia's Navy Yard!

OAKLAND Customer Comment:

"Had the classic Philly Cheese Streak with sweet chilly and curly fries. The meat was cooked perfectly and the bread was good. The curly fries were fresh and seasoned well! The workers were friendly and the restaurant was clean. What more can anyone ask? If you're craving some good Cheese Steak, stop by this place. You won't be disappointed." — Steve B.

"Nice clean place and excellent customer service. U won't wait no more than 5 minutes for an order. Keep up the great service.!! I will be back for more and more and more.!!!" — Kayla P.