Cheese Steak Shop MILPITAS
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MILPITAS Customer Comments:

"Love this place! Their curly fries are the bomb, and so is their cheese steak! Cashier was super friendly, too! 10/10 people would come back here." — Shirley L.

"I'm not much of a cheese steak fan but I had a craving one day. My friend who is a regular brought me here saying it's good. I ordered the garlic cheese steak with curly fries and soda. The first bite was love. This place hits the spot with their perfectly cooked steak with a flavorful combination of sweet and hot peppers. It's the best cheese steak around. Also, the staff is super friendly and nice. The place is small yet always neat and clean. If you're craving a cheese steak, check this place out. It's going to make you fall in love." — Erica C.