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Caution: May Be Habit Forming®
LARKSPUR Customer Comment:

"For this Philly transplant, I'll get my chicken cheesesteak any way I can!! The counter guy couldn't be nicer!! The steaks couldn't be better!!!! I feel like I'm back in South Philly without the hassle and bad weather,etc. of being in South Philly!! Hooray!!!! Awesome find for me!!!! Amoroso's rolls and tastykakes! I died and went to cheesesteak heaven!!! And never had to leave my beautiful California! Like being back in my Philly burbs!"

"A family favorite. High quality and very friendly staff, and did I say yummy too? Get the King of Philly with all the fixings including hot peppers!" — Sally B.

"Cheese Steak shop always hits the spot! The stamp card system is awesome; I usually earn myself a free 10 inch once a month. Kevin is the man and his chicken cheese Steak is delicious. I frequently call in my order to go and he always figures out its me by the end; he's a great guy. Raul always has a smile on his face behind the counter as he prepares the best cheesesteaks outside Philly. They always have a game on, whether soccer or basketball and its a nice touch. Highly recommend, you can't find a better cheesesteak in the Bay."