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Caution: May Be Habit Forming®
BERKELEY Customer Comment:

"I've been coming here for 23 years. It inspired me to make a pilgrimage to Philly when I was in D.C. for work. The sandwiches are amazing, and the service is a lot friendlier than you get at a cheesesteak place that is actually in Philly. I like the spinach & mushroom with extra cheese, grilled onions, hot & sweet peppers. Add a little salt, get your loyalty card stamped and you're set. Usually the second half of the sandwich is my next meal as well. Vegetarian friends have helped me to learn that even their veggie sandwich is damn good, and I'm a committed carnivore." — Daniel A.

"I wish this was my own personal Cheese Steak shop and that I was the only person allowed to eat here. I love this place. What I don't love are the people that are in my way whenever I come get a sandwich. Move out of my way! Wish I could buy this place and only have it open for myself and friends and family." — Ryan D.

"The only problem was not ordering enough. We got one chicken and one steak with peppers, mayo, and cheese. Delicious. We'll be coming back tomorrow." — Eric L.