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Caution: May Be Habit FormingĀ®

Hungry? Call the best sandwich shop in Alameda, CA!

Hungry for a Philly cheese steak that tastes like it came right from the City of Brotherly Love? How about a Philly cheese steak jazzed up with great toppings like bacon, or pizza sauce and provalone? Or if you're not a meat eater, how about a fresh veggie sandwich with garlic, grilled onions, and chili oil for a little extra zing?

If you want to try the best sandwiches in Alameda, CA, call Cheese Steak Shop now. Our cheese steaks are the best in the country! (Don't tell our friends in Philadelphia that, but we think they're that good.)

Check out our menu to get your order ready. It features sandwiches, salads, sides, and genuine TastyKakes, straight from Philadelphia's Navy Yard!

ALAMEDA Customer Comment:

"My husband had told me about Philly cheesesteaks, and we bought the store brand once.
it was horrible!!! I thought if that is what Philly cheesesteak is like, forget it. Then I saw that on the route to the dog park in Alameda, there is a cheesesteak place called The Cheesesteak Shop...
Well it is a regular haunt for us now. I LOVE their cheesesteak sandwiches. I especially like the hot and sweet peppers they will put on it. Great garlic fries too. My hat goes off to Darlene, the woman that ALWAYS makes us feel so welcome and always remembers what we want and how we like it...
For an added benefit, they have a card that when you have filled it, you get a free sandwich."