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The Cheese Steak Shop has been serving "Real Philly" cheese steaks since 1982 starting with our first store in San Francisco. Our authentic Philly cheese steak sandwiches have pleased Philadelphians for generations and our California customers for three decades. Our ingredients are special ordered and like our Amoroso rolls and Tastykakes many are shipped directly from Philadelphia. The Cheese Steak Shop menu also features the Italian Hoagie, our "Banquet on a Bun", vegetarian sandwiches, assorted salads, fries and beverages as well as a choice of 100% chicken breast meat for all the steak sandwich varieties.The Cheese Steak Shop holds three elements in place to make your authentic Philly cheese steak experience the best: Ingredients - We use only quality meats and cheeses, but the real secret to great cheese steaks is in the roll. Our rolls come shipped directly from Amoroso's Bakery in Philadelphia, where we also import our peppers and Tastykakes. Quality - From the time we take the ingredients off the delivery trucks until we serve our customers, each step of the process is carefully monitored to make sure that every sandwich meets our high standards. Customer Service - We offer our customers the very best products and service to keep them coming back for more. Our motto is CAUTION: MAY BE HABIT FORMING. We take care of our customers, efficiently, courteously, and properly, always striving to exceed their expectations. So whether you want your Cheese Steak "wit or witout" white American or Provolone cheese, hot or sweet peppers, or chicken or veggie. The Cheese Steak Shop is here to serve it to you the "Real Philly" way.
CAUTION: May Be Habit Forming!
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