What does the Cheese Steak Shop look for in a franchise owner?

    We want individuals dedicated to devoting their full time and best efforts towards

    operating a successful Cheese Steak Shop. We are interested in people who realize that there is a

    great opportunity to join a proven concept at the beginning. If you have a commitment to success and

    are looking for a concept with great potential, then we are interested in talking with you.

How do I become a Cheese Steak Shop franchise owner?

    Complete and submit a Franchise Application. The Franchise Application does not obligate either party.

    The information submitted is strictly confidential and is used solely by us to determine your potential to

    become a successful franchise owner. After we evaluate the application we will schedule a meeting with

    you to address further questions and to discuss the next steps in opening a Cheese Steak Shop.

How much does a Franchise cost?

    The initial franchise fee is $17,500. Franchise royalties are 5% of sales and there is a 1% advertising

    fee paid monthly.

How much money is required to open a Cheese Steak Shop?

    You will need a minimum of $75,000 in liquid assets and you must be qualified to obtain additional

    third-party financing. The Cheese Steak Franchise Corporation does not offer financing.

How much money can I make owning a Cheese Steak Shop?

    We are prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission from making profit projections. During our first

    meeting, you will be given a Franchise Offering Circular that will provide you information about current

    Franchise Owners from whom you may obtain additional business information.

Does the Cheese Steak Franchise Corporation assist with site selection?

    Yes, we consult with you on site selection and will advise you during the entire process of lease

    negotiations, restaurant design and construction.

How long does it take to open a Cheese Steak Shop?

    Once a location is selected, a lease is signed and a construction permit is granted, it generally takes

    8 to 10 weeks to build out a restaurant.

How do I learn to manage a Cheese Steak Shop?

    All Franchise Owners are enrolled in four weeks of "hands-on" training in an operating Cheese Steak

    Shop. You will learn all aspects of our concept, operational procedures and management systems.

What kind of ongoing support can I expect?

    We provide ongoing support in training, operations, purchasing and marketing.

Does the Cheese Steak Franchise Corporation promote my restaurant?

    Yes, we have established and administer a communal Advertising Fund to increase the advertising

    power of individual Cheese Steak Shops in specific marketing areas. All funds collected from monthly

    advertising fees are committed to the costs of developing advertising and marketing programs.

I have more questions, what should I do?

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