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The Cheese Steak Shop is Proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer

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I have reviewed the foregoing instructions and questions on this application. The information that I have supplied for this application process is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I have not knowingly misrepresented or witheld any fact and I understand that misrepresentation of any of the above information may be cause for termination.

I understand that employment at this company is "At Will" which means that either the company or I can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without prior notice, and for any reason not prohibited by statute. All employment is continued on that basis. I understand that no supervisor or manager, other than the President or Owner of the company, has any authority to alter the foregoing.

By executing and submitting this application, I certify that I am genuinely interested in working in the position for which I applied and am making this application for no other purpose.